1. "Sup girl, wanna come over, get high, and listen to Radiohead? We can drink port and feed each other sushi. I also have a dog."
  2. "Sup girl, come over for sangria beside a fire while you explain what's happened in Grey's Anatomy since I stopped watching at ghost sex."
  3. "Sup girl, you wanna come over and listen to Adele while I feed you tapas and compliments about your hair? You choose the Disney film to watch while getting foot rubs."
  4. "Sup girl, how about you come back to my place for as much pizza as you want while we watch videos of baby sloths yawning?"
  5. "Sup girl, I got the fire going and plenty of rosé. Come over, so we can cuddle and watch Eld while I respond to your online harassers."
  6. "Sup girl, I found a video of a corgi trying to make mac 'n cheese for his owner. Wanna come over and watch it while I follow the little guy's recipe? If it doesn't turn out, we'll eat Chinese in bed."
  7. "Sup girl, you're clearly an interloper in this town of unadorned things."