He's the best. Not in order, these are equally "best."
  1. My Kind of Woman
    On 2. "My oh my, what a girl."
  2. Stars Keep on Calling my Name
    On 2.
  3. Blue Boy
    On Salad Days. "Worried about his haircut, calm down sweet heart, grow up."
  4. Ken the Wolf Boy
    Salad Days Demos. An easy instrumental.
  5. Ode to Viceroy
    On 2. "early in the morning, just trying to let the sun in, I open up my eyes."
  6. A Heart Like Hers
    On Another One. "And no other heart will do."
  7. Horse Hot Wee Wee Water
    Salad Days Demos
  8. Salad Days
    It Has to be here...