1. The Leftovers
    The most unbelievably well-acted season by an ensemble cast since...Wire S4? Sopranos S5? You have to suspend your disbelief with much of it, but man, what a show. So glad it's coming back for one more year.
  2. The Americans
    This is still my favorite show overall on TV and it killed me to bump it down to #2. The way the show runners handled the plot twists this year was amazing. Holly Taylor turned in the best young actor performance I've ever seen on TV.
  3. Fargo
    An amazing story, told beautifully by Noah Hawley. No holds barred violence and unreal performances from surprising sources like Dunst and Woodbine.
  4. Better Call Saul
    There was so much potential for this to go horribly wrong. Instead it was the best new show of 2015, blazing a new trail in BB's wake with Odenkirk and Banks leading the way.
  5. Mr. Robot
    The next-best new show on TV. A real marvel of storytelling and performances thanks to Sam Esmail, who proved himself to be a true visionary for what I'd call a dystopian reality.
  6. Mad Men
    Some of the early episodes of the final half-season were frustrating, but Matt Weiner and company finished one of the greatest shows of all time in outstanding fashion. Hamm, Moss, Jones, Slattery, et al were just incredible.
  7. Parks and Recreation
    The little engine that could ended wonderfully, poignantly and sweetly, in line with the rest of the history of the show. Oh, and it was damn funny.
  8. Veep
    I caught up on this show this year, and man was it great. JLD is a goddess on every level. And Hugh Laurie added a great element. What. A. Cast. Oh, and Jonah's testimony was the comedy moment of the year.
  9. Master of None
    My favorite new comedy. Aziz and his pals did a wonderful job, learning all the key tricks from P&R while making someone all their own.
  10. Bojack Horseman
    The most underrated show on TV. Hysterically funny and crushingly sad all at once. And it's about an anthropomorphic horse voiced by Gob Bluth.