The Five Best Episodes of Girls

  1. 5. S6E3 "American Bitch"
    Matthew Rhys turned in a typically amazing guest performance in a thought-provoking, topical bottle-ish episode.
  2. 4. S3E7 "Beach House"
    Later seasons saw fewer and fewer of the four girls together but man, ones like these were fun while they lasted. Shosh's drunken, bitter rant is one of the best moments of the show.
  3. 3. S3E9 "Flo"
    Touching and heartbreaking, Hannah says goodbye to her grandmother at the same time we get to meet so many other colorful characters in her family.
  4. 2. S2E5 "One Man's Trash"
    This was the episode that helped push this show into a different stratosphere. With a short-film feel, Patrick Wilson was outstanding. Oh, and ping pong.
  5. 1. S5E6 "The Panic in Central Park"
    Not only was this the best episode of this show, but it is probably the best episode of any show I've seen this decade. Alison Williams was never better, and she somehow made me feel empathy for the least empathetic character on the show. Just sheer brilliant all around.