So, it now seems clear the Red Sox will add an ace via the most robust free agent market for pitchers ever. Here is my ranking of who I'd like to get:
  1. David Price
    At 30, he shows no signs of slowing down. Has the mental and physical gifts to be an elite starter for 6-8 more years. Outstanding teammate. Proven in baseball's toughest environments for pitchers. Don't get hung up on minuscule postseason #s, it's a smokescreen from haters. Give him $225M and be done with it.
  2. Zack Greinke
    Just had his best season at 31. Maddux-like pitching and baseball savant. No reason he can't be elite well into his late 30s. I don't believe the talk he would only pitch in NL, he's on record as picking LAD because they offered most $. Could see Red Sox offering a 4-year deal at $30M-$35M AAV.
  3. Johnny Cueto
    Cueto seems like the most likely option for Red Sox. At 29 and not coming off his best season, there are real concerns about his health and ability to pitch to AL opponents. Having said that, I'd be comfortable with 5/$110M-$125M as long as his elbow holds up to examination.
  4. Scott Kazmir
    I can't believe Kazmir is even a consideration for this list, but if Red Sox don't get one of the top 3, he might be a good 2-3 year deal stop gap until they can figure out something else long-term.
  5. John Lackey
    It's worth a shot, right? Still think the Cubs are his most likely destination, but he's got three more good years left and would be another stop-gap type.
  6. Wei-Yin Chen
    Someone will get a bargain on Chen, who is only 30 and has a solid track record in the AL East. It's a bad year for him to be a free agent. If other options fall through you could do a lot worse than 4/$64M on Chen.
  7. Jordan Zimmermann
    So, he's been a durable pitcher since having TJ early on. He had an outstanding year in 2014. However, he took a big step back last year. I don't think he's bad. Far from it. But he's more of a solid #2-#3 looking to get paid like a #1. I'm sorry but putting up those numbers against lousy NL East competition is not impressive. Let someone else give him $125M.
  8. Jeff Samardzija
    He may be in line for a pillow contract to rebuild some value. I think he can be successful again after a year where the only good thing he did was throw 214 innings. If all else fails, give him $15M for one year and see what happens.