A caveat that these are REALISTIC trade options. They aren't getting Syndergaard or Fernandez, folks.
  1. Chris Sale
    For all the talk, I'm not sure he's ever actually been available. I worry about his health long-term, but he's an ace and signed to an insanely cheap deal through '19.
  2. Sonny Gray
    His #s this last year weren't as great as I expected (3.8 fWAR) but he's 26 and his best years are to come. Don't believe Beane, he'll deal anyone if the price is right.
  3. Matt Harvey
    There is of course reason to be concerned about 216 IP off TJ surgery but I think he'll hold up. Battle tested in a big market. Still just 27.
  4. Carlos Carrasco
    Here's the guy I expect the Red Sox would actually get. Signed through '20 and has swing-and-miss stuff. Watch this one closely.
  5. Jose Quintana
    Chicago may be more willing to deal him than Sale. Not a bad consolation prize: signed through '20 with a 4.8 fWAR in 2015. Only 27.
  6. Danny Salazar
    Three years younger than Carrasco but has one fewer year of control. Not as consistent as others here but has outstanding stuff when he's on.
  7. Stephen Strasburg
    The only reason I have him this low is because he's just a year from free agency. Since they're about to lose Zimmermann and Fister, I doubt Nats will trade him anyway.
  8. Tyson Ross
    I'm not positive he's better than what Red Sox already have. Only two years of control left and walks too many guys for my liking.