Second Ever List-app From Cuba?

Some more stuff I saw today --
  1. The soon to be rededicated US Embassy where the American flag will be raised tomorrow for the first time since January 1961
  2. The embassy used to run a ticker tape of news on its exterior ....
  3. ... So the Cuban government blocked it from view with 138 black flags, one for each "martyr." The flags were so loud and annoying the Embassy agreed to take down the ticker tape if the flags would come down.
  4. There has been little to no internet on the island but in the past couple weeks wifi hot spots have been popping up. One can purchase an hour of internet from the government or the black market. Here our photojournalist Tony captures a scene.
  5. Dissident Antonio Rodiles shows us a picture of himself with a broken nose after secret police attacked him.
  6. Russian embassy in Havana was designed to be a scimitar in the heart of imperialism or something, I'm told.
  7. Watch CNN Friday especially my show The Lead at 4 pm ET/1 pm Pacific for more!