I collect political memorabilia -- especially posters, especially of campaigns that did not win. Here are some of them.
  1. Dewey. He didn't defeat FDR or Truman.
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  2. Benjamin Harrison. Lost reelection to Cleveland. Whom he had defeated. This is a campaign handkerchief which used to be a thing.
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  3. Henry Clay! 1844. Whig!
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  4. Cleveland the year he lost to Harrison. Another hankie!
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  5. George Romney and Sam Yorty
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  6. Wilkie lost to FDR then joined his administration as an ambassador-at-large.
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  7. Madly for Adlai. Like Dewey another two time presidential also-ran.
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  8. Bonus picture of a much handsomer Clay that I took at the State Department.
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