Some Other Cuba Pics and Thoughts

  1. Salud
  2. Weird hotel art
  3. Souvenir postcards of folks not fond of freedom
  4. (I'm not including Papa Hemingway in that)
  5. It is disheartening to hear self described progressives on social media dismiss human rights abuses, presumably because they like Obama and are rooting for this to work.
  6. On our way to the airport
  7. This character is popular in souvenir shops
  8. He appears to be someone with a serious drinking problem
  9. There's a lot of money that's going to be made here by really rich people in the U.S. and Latin America. Makes me wonder how much newspaper publishers and advertisers etc etc pushed on editorial side of news coverage.
  10. A little airport book shop reading.
  11. Guess what they don't have in this Cuban Cyber Cafe? (Hint: it rhymes with shminternet)
  12. Revolutionary calendar
  13. Buenos noches!