1. Afghanistan and US troop levels there
  2. Whether Bernie Sanders has a more ambitious domestic agenda than she does
  3. Classified information sent on her private email server
  4. Bill Clinton, his review of her debate performance and their 40th wedding anniversary
  5. Whether it's time for Vice President Joe Biden to make a decision
  6. A 2007 anti-Clinton memo written by the Obama campaign reported by the New Yorker this week
  7. Calling Republicans her enemies at the debate
  8. Why requests for additional security in Libya were rejected by the state department under her leadership
  9. Her push for more restrictions on gun ownership and how it squares with what seemed a more conservative position on the issue in the 2008 primaries
  10. Here's my team at beautiful Keene State College in NH
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  11. Interview airs on CNN at 4 PM Eastern on Friday ....and on Sunday at 9 AM and noon Eastern on State of the Union