1. Marie called. Call her back.
  2. Naomi and Vicki conference-called. They're mad. Don't ever call either of them again.
  3. Secretary for Matthew Shankman called. He represents Tina. Call back ASAP
  4. Christine called. Says she graduated honors from USC. Suggests you look up the word misogyny.
  5. Stephanie not happy. Crying. Very sad about what you said about her. Don't you have any feelings etc
  6. Nicole called. Many curses.
  7. Shankman called this time himself not secretary. He represents Tina AND Nicole now. Call him.
  8. Tamara called. Polaroid was your idea.
  9. Kathy called. VERY MAD!!! call her back
  10. Shankman a third time. Says he's getting a class action together. Call him.
  11. Joanne called said she retained Shankman.