The Thoughts of a Dad Assembling a Star Wars Lego Ship With His Six Year Old Son

  1. Where did he go?
  2. Ok well it says 9-12 and he's six, so I guess I'll just do it.
  3. (Spoken) Honey this says 9-12, you know.
  4. Where the hell is the small gray piece with two prongs
  5. Crap this isn't lining up-- what did I do wrong here
  6. How do they expect a 9 year old to put this together?
  7. His friends are going to smash this within a week.
  8. Where the hell is the medium black piece with four prongs
  9. I don't even remember this ship from the movie
  10. Oh that's kind of cool
  11. Cripes how long have I been doing this
  12. (Spoken) no I can't put that together now I'm still putting this ship together
  13. Good God I'm still not done
  14. (After son spots a mistake) you're right -- good catch
  15. Where the hell is the one pronged gray circle thing
  16. (Spoken) can you look in your bin for a one pronged gray circle thing like this one?
  17. Fine I'll go do it
  18. Good Lord there are a lot of LEGOS in this bin. An elephant's graveyard of past efforts
  19. Here it is!
  20. Ok almost done
  21. And....
  22. (Spoken:) Thanks buddy, I love you too.