1. Every sociologically, politically, age-ist, fat shaming, racially, ethnically, and gender insensitive utterance I have ever made
  2. The roster of the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies
  3. Sitcom theme songs
  4. Every on air or in print mistake ever
  5. The entire Dennis Miller Off White album
  6. Lyrics to every Billy Joel song up until but not including The Bridge
  7. The names and faces of every girl and woman I liked who wasn't interested -- though not every one who was
  8. The names of all 43 men who served as president, in order
  9. The top ten list I made and sold on T-shirts in college two of which in retrospect were offensive.
  10. Superhero facts and stories circa 1970s including obscure players such as Snapper Carr and Deadman