1. Listening to Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Louis CK on the WTF podcast's 700th episode
  2. The vines of Bikke the chipmunk
  3. Watching a sneak preview of All The Way, starring Bryan Cranston as LBJ
  4. Making an "election night" video about the politics of Westeros
  5. Listening to Tom Hanks and Questlove on Fresh Air
  6. Telling a courageous friend of mine that I was proud of him
  7. Having lunch with a retired TV anchor whom I admire a great deal and listening to his wisdom
  8. Veep
  9. Billions
  10. Last Man On Earth
  11. Mindy Kaling on Conan
  12. Having a mini Dartmouth reunion at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner
  13. Scandal and even more importantly watching my classmate Shonda own Thursday nights