This was a list requested of me. I will try to comply in a sincere manner. The emotional stuff I will put here -- My family and friends obviously. The innocence of childhood.
  1. Walking around Center City
  2. Corned beef special at Murray's with Flug
  3. John's water ice
  4. Geno's provolone wit
  5. Soft pretzel with spicy mustard -- eaten at Independence Hall park
  6. Going to Spencer Gifts and ZOUNDS! arcade with grade school friends Jason and Joey and Susan and Elisabeth and Liz
  7. Running on Kelly and West River Drives
  8. Chilled vodka martinis in Mannayunk
  9. Zipperhead on South
  10. Book Trader on South
  11. Great Brown Owl kids' book store
  12. 1980 Phillies -- The Bull, Trillo, Bowa, Schmidt, Maddox, Shake and Bake, Boone, Lefty, McGraw etc etc
  13. 1982-83 Sixers -- Julius and Moses and Mo
  14. My job as a kid to go to corner of 2nd and Christian to buy the Sunday Inquirer
  15. Tony Auth's political cartoon
  16. WHYY
  17. Jim Gardner and Action News
  18. The Italian Market
  19. Termini Brothers cannoli -- esp ricotta
  20. Bitar's bakery
  21. Ritz Five movie theater
  22. The TLA
  23. Playing basketball at Starr Garden
  24. The Hooters
  25. Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers
  26. G Love
  27. The view of the city from the Art Museum
  28. The Calder at the Art Museum
  29. Pickles
  30. The day Dan and I cut school and went to the Bourse Building and we met Aldo Cella
  31. Philly politics -- Rendell and Rizzo and Wilson Goode and Bill Green etc
  32. The Palestra!
  33. Rittenhouse Square
  34. Boathouse Row
  35. Exercising at the YM/YWHA
  36. The Philadelphia Free Library main branch
  37. More to come