Episodes I could probably recite by this point.
  1. Casino Night.
    That kiss makes me cry every time. And Jim's single tear...😢
  2. The Job.
    I watch the whole episode for three perfect performances: @JennaFischer's reaction when Jim asks Pam to go to dinner (I've never watched it without tearing up), @mindy's "WHAT?!", and @bjnovak's hilarious face at the end.
  3. The Injury
    Literally only Steve Carell could make the premise of this episode believable.
  4. Dinner Party
    My husband refuses to watch this episode with me because it makes him so uncomfortable. That's how you know it's good.
  5. The Deposition
    I did a paper on the rhetorical concept of invention for my Composition and Rhetoric class in college using this episode. I think that was the end of my casual viewership and the beginning of my borderline insane obsession with the show.
  6. Prince Family Paper
    So dark. So uncomfortable. So perfect. Also, Stanley's Hilary Swank argument kills me every time.
  7. Scott's Tots
    My husband won't watch this one with me either. I remember saying "ohhhh, no" for the entire half hour when I watched the first time it aired, and I don't think that feeling has ever fully passed.
  8. Secret Santa
    I mean, Michael belligerently yelling while dressed as Jesus. Do I need to say any more?
  9. Goodbye Michael
    Full disclosure: I've only watched this episode 3 or 4 times because every time I do, I collapse into a puddle just like I did the first time. So many sweet moments, so much evidence of gradual and meaningful character development.
  10. Dwight Christmas
    This episode just had so much warmth and represented so much growth between Jim and Pam, Pam and Dwight, and especially Dwight and Jim.
  11. Finale
    This was a finale written for long-time viewers. It had everything I wanted it to have: the meaningful return of Michael, a genuinely warm and loving moment for Dwight and Jim, a big and risky progressive step for Jim and Pam, and a ridiculous and much-needed resolution for Kelly and Ryan.
  12. Niagara
    I'm a sucker for a Jim and Pam milestone. This one makes my top list because of Jim's talking head about his plan A, B, and C: "and plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her." That last look to the camera gets me every time.