1. Meeting people at locations
    I'm here. Are you here yet? Text me when you're here. I'm here already.
  2. Meeting people in general
    It's so nice to meet you and immediately say something I'll regret tonight while I try to fall asleep.
  3. Going to parties
    Who will be there? Will I know anyone? Are there activities planned? How soon can I leave? Do you have a cat I can hang out with?
  4. Getting dressed
    Am I too dressy? Not dressy enough? Am I the right type of dressy? Am I going to regret these shoes?
  5. Traveling
    Have I packed everything? Have I packed too much? How often will we be stopping to pee?
  6. Ordering food
    Over the phone, in person, in a drive thru: it's all bad.
  7. Receiving a phone call
    Is someone dead? Who is this number? Do I know someone in that area code who could be dead?
  8. Making a phone call
    No matter how many times you rehearse "hi, my name is _____ and I'm calling about _____," it still comes out as a spluttery, flustered, Valley Girl mess.