Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Weekdays...
  2. Wake up at 5:30 and head to Starbucks for my devotion (Bible reading/prayer) time
    Gotta start the day in the right mindset and get on that chai tea latte
  3. Get to work around 7:15
    Read emails, chat some people up, and head out in to the laboratories
  4. Spending the morning calibrating lab equipment
    Wanna make sure all the instruments used in research and acting the way they should
  5. Lunch!!
    I bring leftovers 90% of the time, this week was seasoned Mahi Mahi and rice
  6. The afternoon should be the same as the morning unless some emergency occurs
    They happen more than you would think. Scientists freak out when their stuff stops working
  7. Eventually, head home and check up on my aquarium
    After which I either work out or read. Reading tends to happen more than the other one
  8. Either make dinner or go out with friends
    Or don't eat dinner cause I'm too lazy to make anything.
  9. And the best part of my day, going back to sleep!!
  10. Not the most exciting of days, but it works for me 🤓👍🏽