I have a private account and used Instagram for probably a year before my friends joined and started liking my pictures. I guess I enjoyed filters? These are some of the pictures I instagrammed for myself, I guess.
  1. My first ever.
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  2. I guess I liked the colors of this older photo and tried it with some filters. Probably that blur-effect instagram loved 4 years ago as well.
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  3. My first Instagram selfie. Not exactly Tinder material.
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  4. Probably my first 'gram uploaded spontaneously in moment of capture.
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  5. A picture of a painting by Anders Zorn. Cheeky.
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  6. This really cool picture that looks like an album cover of a hip band. Still no likes.
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  7. Impressive nature!! (Iguazu Falls from Brazilian side) International travel!! Me looking v cool. Should've brought down the HOUSE. No likes.
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  8. Just look at it! I took this picture. Whoa. People LOVE this. No likes. Granted, this was uploaded around the time of the Android release.
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  9. I guess another photo of a painting. Maybe I didn't deserve likes... ("Fath Ali Shah Qajar" from the David Collection in Copenhagen)
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  10. Berlin!! All the likes? No likes.
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  11. 6 months later. Still only 2 likes. Maybe it's the pit stain?
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  12. This perfectly balanced and serene atrium garden? No likes.
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  13. Now almost a full year later some likes are trickling in.
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  14. My Instagram account is now 67 weeks old and likes are FINALLY in digits and not names. Thank you spring time, thank you magnolia trees.
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