I have a private account and used Instagram for probably a year before my friends joined and started liking my pictures. I guess I enjoyed filters? These are some of the pictures I instagrammed for myself, I guess.
  1. My first ever.
  2. I guess I liked the colors of this older photo and tried it with some filters. Probably that blur-effect instagram loved 4 years ago as well.
  3. My first Instagram selfie. Not exactly Tinder material.
  4. Probably my first 'gram uploaded spontaneously in moment of capture.
  5. A picture of a painting by Anders Zorn. Cheeky.
  6. This really cool picture that looks like an album cover of a hip band. Still no likes.
  7. Impressive nature!! (Iguazu Falls from Brazilian side) International travel!! Me looking v cool. Should've brought down the HOUSE. No likes.
  8. Just look at it! I took this picture. Whoa. People LOVE this. No likes. Granted, this was uploaded around the time of the Android release.
  9. I guess another photo of a painting. Maybe I didn't deserve likes... ("Fath Ali Shah Qajar" from the David Collection in Copenhagen)
  10. Berlin!! All the likes? No likes.
  11. 6 months later. Still only 2 likes. Maybe it's the pit stain?
  12. This perfectly balanced and serene atrium garden? No likes.
  13. Now almost a full year later some likes are trickling in.
  14. My Instagram account is now 67 weeks old and likes are FINALLY in digits and not names. Thank you spring time, thank you magnolia trees.