Not attention seeking or trying to be a Debbie downer it's just good to write these down, I try to laugh at some of these because if you can't laugh you're gonna cry
  1. Finding out my dog got run over on Christmas Eve
    I would have been under the age of ten
  2. Tears running down my face and into my bowl of cereal after my dad told me that he drowned our cat
    We lived out on a farm and farmers seem to be able to put animals down, it's part of the job and the cat would not stop shitting on the carpet, I blocked this one out for a while.
  3. The first time I got dumped
    She was a more experienced person and I was sweet and innocent, I wasn't expecting to have sex so early so I wasn't prepared (no rubbers) so we didn't sleep together, few days later she dumped me not sure if it was because I was too young and I experienced or what but since then it's been hard to be vulnerable around people because of the fear of getting hurt again...boohoo.
  4. Having to kill a possum
    A family dog had started to chew at it and I saw it still twitching, I think it was still alive, I was told to put it in a bag then into the garbage but I couldn't let it suffer so once it was in the bag I swung a shovel at the was hard to do but I couldn't let it suffer.
  5. Someone close to me once told me that she'd had three men at different parts of her life say they wanted to kill themselves to her.
    What would you say to that? What do I say to that?
  6. The constant realization that life is hard...simple as that
    I try to stay positive and focus on the good things but it's getting harder and harder