In which I fold with one hand and take photos with the other.
  1. Lay it out sideways in front of you neatly
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    This is the easiest but most onerous step once you master the whole technique. Sometimes I first will lay out a stack of shirts so that I can blaze through folding them.
  2. Grasp the far shoulder with your left hand
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    Pinch it about 2/3 of the way from the collar to the shoulder seam.
  3. Pinch the shirt midway with your right hand
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    It helps to draw a line from where your left hand is to the bottom of the shirt. Pinch along that line.
  4. Bring the shoulder with your left hand over to the bottom of the shirt and hold the shoulder and bottom together
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    The idea is that the shoulder, middle, and bottom points we've grasped all line up. Keep pinching the middle with your right hand. Your left arm now should be cross over your right.
  5. Holding onto the fabric, uncross your arms
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    The shirt folds itself. This step is magic.
  6. Flip the shirt facedown and fold the chest area over the remaining arm
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    For long-sleeved shirts, fold the arm over itself once.
  7. Mission accomplished
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    After a couple shirts you should get the hang of how the places you pinch affect the overall fold. And when you get good at it you can segue from one step to the next and it's like a performing act to someone who hasn't seen it before.