iOS 9.1 includes all the emoji from Unicode 7.0. That's right, emoji are an international standard chosen by committee. Here are some of the newcomers with their official names.
  1. Bottle with Popping Cork
    F9fe26d7 e803 45aa 8312 041b0b3ae5e1
    Move over party popper
  2. Taco
    Bdb4b8de 369b 4204 8aa3 a8508ed43f87
    Sexy tacos.
  3. Unicorn
    C8725927 50b1 424e 8e48 8173cfa25e79
    Been waiting for this one so Raviga Capital can Snapchat it to me h/t @blake
  4. Reversed Hand with Middle Finger Extended
    18a6f775 2f93 44ac 9e8c 6855595c3a47
    Not sure what this gesture means
  5. Face with Rolling Eyes
    5628f475 5f0c 4e93 b29b 8b2a5f444ebe
    Occasionally good for conveying sarcasm online too
  6. Lion Face
    4bad8d75 cfa9 41a4 8a31 a51a74079436
    How cute! Want to pet it.
  7. Sign of the Horns
    96a58e13 d612 4df7 a3e2 ee3ba4a7e9df
    Cool emoji but actually means cucked in some cultures
  8. Burrito
    C554bc68 c0ea 49dc a3fc f995562acb00
    Upon close inspection the guac is free
  9. Dove of Peace
    Fb9616d9 6807 4f18 a4a6 dad795d21d8a
    Probably not in common use but what a feel-good emoji
  10. Upside-Down Face
    6e8ff4f9 ae93 4b72 a606 3d4dfb050891
    uʍop-ǝpᴉsdn sᴉ ǝuoɥd ɹnoʎ uǝɥʍ ɹoɟ ʇɐǝɹפ
  11. Comet
    0affddb8 1886 4295 979b b521e37c3d4d
    Honorary mention for being an OG since 1993 in Unicode 1.1. Welcome to the emoji club!