1. Lord of the Rings — Return of the King
  2. James Bond — Casino Royale
    Though if 007 were actually good at poker he'd just play poker for a living
  3. Star Wars — Episode V: Empire Strikes Back
    Episode III is maybe my next favorite because of Obi-wan vs. Anakin. Edit: The Force Awakens is my next favorite.
  4. Harry Potter — Goblet of Fire
    I know people really like Prisoner of Azkaban but Goblet has a Voldemort encounter which I feel is a staple of a great HP book. Books 5 and 6 feel like they exist to set the stage for 7, which I liked too but the ending is a bit rushed.
  5. Chronicles of Narnia — The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
    The Magician's Nephew or Prince Caspian takes second place. Also I didn't know what it was but I wanted Turkish delight.
  6. Mario — 64
    The open levels and getting power stars out of order is really fun. The linearity in the newer games doesn't do their 3D worlds justice.
  7. Mario Kart — MK8
    No Mario Kart's battle mode has come close to 64's balloon battles though. Block Fort was the shit.
  8. Final Fantasy — VII
    But I haven't played very many of them
  9. Super Smash Bros. — Melee
    Items ON 🎊