Internet Memories

  1. Age 5: Being afraid to post my name online
    Now you can find the answers to everyone's security questions on their Facebook profile.
  2. Age 6: 56k beep boops
    Growing up I had 56k (actually 28k because we had a split line) for the longest time because the ISP said our line didn't support DSL. Turns out it was just our house's line while the neighbors had fast internet and finally in about 2005 they fixed it.
  3. Age 7:
    Sadly I've lost the password to my very first email account.
  4. Age 8: Video game cheats (unaffiliated with Sega) was this site with video game codes, half of which were fake and didn't work or required you to have a Game Genie. I had no idea what that was until I saw one in a store and had to get it because it sure wasn't on Amazon back then.
  5. Age 9: The Hampster dance
    Back then you learned about funny things on the Internet by word of mouth... dancing hamster gifs and a catchy tune being one of them.
  6. Age 10: Google
    As a student I felt I had a leg up on everyone who didn't know about Google for research projects since 1999 Google was just better than everything else.
  7. Age 11: AIM
    The immediacy on a slow connection was amazing. After studying CS I know that IMs are tiny and fast to send but at the time AIM was way more realtime than any other internet experience for me. Years later AOL really squandered one of the biggest opportunities on mobile.
  8. Age 12: Internet forums
  9. Age 13: eBay
    Still kicking around. eBay was one of the best ways to sell stuff, especially as a kid who had time. Member since 2002.