aka complaining about Twitter by saying nice things about List App
  1. You can almost always fit what you want to say in 350 characters
    Plus you get 500 for the description and seemingly unlimited list items. If you have not used Twitter a lot it is hard to viscerally understand this freedom.
  2. People are nice and like & relist lots
    As a data point when I post to my 62 followers I usually get about 10 likes (thank you 😊) but on Twitter I average 2 or 3 despite having 700+ followers. Facebook and Instagram have good engagement metrics too so maybe it's just a Twitter thing.
  3. The celebrity presence feels more genuine
    I am not a celeb on List App or otherwise but I imagine everyone is here because they want to be while Twitter is this thing you post to for the numbers (after Facebook and/or Instagram). I believe this is a core strength of ListApp and not something a competitor can easily copy.
  4. People are fairly secure and comfortable
    Part of this is the LA culture and entertainment industry but I see people here who are OK with posting slightly taboo or lewd or edgy (but never truly mean or obscene) lists on List App and the community is accepting and pretty normal about it, more so than some Twitter circles.
  5. List item descriptions are great
    Beyond adding depth to your lists they just look good!
  6. You can save multiple drafts
    Sometimes it takes time to formulate a post or you're waiting for the right moment when it is most timely. Twitter lets you save your tweet-in-progress but List App does this so much better.
  7. The pre-launch team is together
    Obviously Twitter is a much older company than List App but it is nice that the people who are making the first version of List App are still together.
  8. We can all be "first followers"
    Team List App will lead but we early believers can show people how to follow. http://bit.ly/1RjtCBQ h/t @b