I'm giving a talk tomorrow and by good fortune my Uber driver was a radio broadcaster and public speaker. I really liked how easy it was to incorporate some of his advice into a talk!
  1. No "um"s
    Replace them with silent "um"s
  2. Add intonation to your words
    Instead of being monotone
  3. Replace pronouns like "she" with their antecedents like "Sally"
    Compare: "We visited Sally's to help sell her bike. She's not much of a rider." to "We visited Sally's to help sell her TV. Sally's not much of a rider." The latter is clearer and listeners who missed the first sentence can glean more info from the second.
  4. Use "we" or "you" instead of "I"
    Include the audience
  5. Speak to audience members individually
    Spend some time looking people in the eye
  6. Speak authentically
    Everyone has their own style. Be you.