The company that makes Soylent recently released a bottled version of their product so you don't have to mix the powder with water anymore.
  1. Prep time: 10 seconds
    It's so much quicker than preparing any other meal or even ordering from a delivery service. Close to peak efficiency until we make a radical leap like teaching our bodies photosynthesis with gene therapy.
  2. Remarkably tolerable flavor
    The food–drink is slightly sweet and slightly oatmealy but what stands out is how much you could consume before tiring of it. I imagine it's a bit like wearing a school uniform everyday.
  3. Thinner and smoother than 1.5
    The texture is noticeably better than the home-mixed version. A finer blend.
  4. Eco-friendly bottles
    ...or so they say. You have to toss out five bottles compared to one bag with the powdered version.
  5. Small portions
    Each bottle is 400 calories. Pairs well with a small meal when you want nutritional diversity and flavor.
  6. Cleanup time: 10 seconds
    My biggest gripe with powdered Soylent is cleaning the pitcher since the mixture doesn't rinse easily and goes bad. Also less mental effort than loading the dishwasher or paying at a restaurant. Peak mindlessness.
  7. 8/10
    I still enjoy variety and am skeptical that Soylent isn't missing a vital nutrient but the sheer efficiency is compelling.
  8. We have a monthly subscription at the office
    24 bottles per month felt manageable between @charlie and @jesseruder (tbd: Soylent virgin) and myself.