Sweet Dreams: Night Shift Coming Soon to iPhone

  1. iOS 9.3 introduces a feature called Night Shift, which reduces the blue light emitted by your screen
  2. When our eyes are exposed to blue light, we produce less melatonin and sleep worse as a result
  3. So people started making apps to reduce blue light at night
    The most popular for computers is called f.lux: https://justgetflux.com
  4. Apple added this (optional) feature to iOS directly for all of us who use our phones in bed
  5. In the settings you can schedule Night Shift and adjust how much blue light to reduce
    At first you'll probably want to stay with the suggested screen "warmth". As you get used to the yellow screen, try making the screen warmer.
  6. There's a new button in the control center to manually toggle Night Shift
  7. This list was brought to you from my bed at 2am