1. A shorter list than I had thought
    Sometimes when List inspiration strikes I get excited and then realize I only have one or two items for the list and feel it would be lame. Five is my feel-good number unless I'm enumerating something with fewer things like the Star Wars trilogy.
  2. Phrasing
    My writing is sometimes deliberate and I mull over how to phrase a thought to communicate it well. I like that Instagram guides you to make a good photo look great with filters and other effects, and I want something like that for prose.
  3. Concern that my list is too much about what I want to say and not what others would like to read
  4. Worry that I'll lose my writing
    Currently you have to tap Cancel to save your progress or undo edits. I am unsure if Cancel will sometimes discard my work. More up-front ways to Save and Undo edits would reduce this anxiety.
  5. Lists that others have already written
    I don't want to seem like a copycat looking for attention. Ironically @charlie told me like five other people independently have written this list before. I feel OK posting it though because I believe it's healthy for List App to have a diversity of perspectives and for popular list ideas to reach more people.