Things You Wanted (but Didn't Get) Growing Up

Whether you would get them for your own kids is a good estimate of whether you were right or not.
  1. A/C
    90-100 degree summers were not fun
  2. Sleepovers
    Always leaving birthday and team sleepovers by 9:30 pm was not only embarrassing but isolating.
    Suggested by   @e
  3. Trampoline
    But we DID have a makeshift rope swing that was a thousand times more dangerous. The branch it looped around just gave out one day.
    Suggested by   @Kellendria
  4. Nintendo (or any other gaming system).
    But I had a computer so maybe I channeled that energy into typing skills? Still, it was really embarrassing to be so bad at Duck Hunt and Mario when I played at friends' houses.
    Suggested by   @natalieponte
  5. Cell phone
    I got my first cell phone in college. Not that anything pre-iPhone would have changed my life though.
  6. Cable TV
    Missed out on a few shows but it never made sense to get a cable package since you had to buy a ton of channels. These days with YouTube and TV networks posting their shows online we are so lucky.
  7. Nickelodeon Gak
    For some reason I wasn't allowed to have a colored squishy, rubbery, chemical blob.
  8. an older brother
    Suggested by   @abbyd