1. The new icon is more inviting
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    The white background is more pleasant than the previous red icon even if the colors are a little tacky.
  2. Feature set is remarkably broad for a v1 product
    It also comes with this social network where artists can post to fans and you can like and comment on things. It's kind of overwhelming compared to List App or Instagram.
  3. $10/mo is fairly affordable
    $15 for a family plan aka $5 to add my sister. Economically easy to switch away from another streaming service.
  4. The catalog is competitive with Spotify's
    It still feels broken that there are songs you can't find. Apple can't for various reasons but I wish they automatically torrented songs that aren't in their catalog since the artist and label aren't getting paid for it anyway.
  5. It's nice that it works with Siri
    I don't use Siri all that often but now in the car I could say, "Hey Siri play Taylor Swift" and it will do something reasonable.
  6. Apple did a good job programming it
    Many of the interactive gestures require a lot of time and care to implement. And underneath the user interface there is a lot of interconnected data. An app like this could drown in complexity but Apple managed to make it work.
  7. They must have been under a deadline
    There are small bugs and some incomplete features that aren't typical of Apple. That said, Apple Music is one of their most feature-rich apps so I give them a pass on this for v1.
  8. It's sometimes difficult to navigate
    Not everything is tappable for instance. You'll see an artist's name and tap it to try to go to their page but nothing happens.
  9. Continuity between Mac and iPhone is missing
    Last year Apple introduced Continuity, which lets you start a task on one device and resume it on another. Apple Music doesn't need to get creative; Spotify and Rdio are great at letting you switch between devices or controlling playback on one device with another.
  10. It's extremely good for them to launch earlier than later
    With complex apps, let alone any app that has a social component, it's so important to launch early to learn what features to prioritize. Iteration speed is lifeblood.
  11. It's unfortunate that it can't be updated without updating iOS
    An app like Apple Music has a different development cycle than an operating system. It's not good for the Apple Music team to have to wait for the iOS services teams to be ready to push a new iOS update. So some way for Apple Music to be bundled with iOS and also be updateable on its own would be best.
  12. I hope they keep at it
    All in all it's a good start and I am going to try it for the next three months.