with a science and technology twist! can you spot the lie?
  1. When you delete files on your phone/computer it just hides them
    They are actually still there and a computer professional can find them and help recover your photos
  2. You can get an extra half bar to a full bar of signal strength by tightly coiling a wire around your phone several times
    I do this with my charging cable when traveling, which is when it's particularly convenient and a life-saver
  3. Microwaving a grape cut in half leaving just a bit of the skin intact will generate an arc of plasma as the sugars ignite
    Try to do this in your own microwave. People get antsy when you create plasma in their dorm.
  4. If you put a bottle of beer in the freezer and take it out when it's very cold but not frozen, it will instantly freeze with a sharp rap on the table
    The beer becomes supercooled below its freezing point but doesn't create ice crystals until you induce them, at which point it quickly freezes