Websites I Visit Every Day

When I'm not writing code or talking I'm probably on the Internet
  1. Google
  2. GitHub
    It's a website where programmers collaborate on open-source software. I spend some of my time contributing to technologies we use in our own apps.
  3. Twitter
    A lot of programmers using the same tech as us are on Twitter so I sometimes participate to stay active in the community. It would be better if they let you write more than two contorted sentences and have a real conversation though.
  4. Facebook
    I went a week without visiting Facebook recently and didn't feel I missed much except birthdays so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. This is pure Facebook chat and really great for when you want to reach out to your friends but don't want the distraction of newsfeed and notifications.
  6. Gmail
    Though I really like this app called Mailbox (on iPhone and Mac) that I use even more
  7. Stack Overflow
    It's a Q&A site for programming and often someone else has already had the same question as you so it's quite a helpful resource... except when everyone has the same question and no one has an answer /cry