...because they're awful.
  1. Salads that don't include lettuce.
    If you call something a "salad" but said salad just consists of fruity gelatin and whipped cream, get away from me.
  2. Raisins
    God invented grapes. Man, through his laziness, invented raisins. Good for digestion? Sure, because your intestines hate them, too.
  3. Hominy
    Seriously. It exists, but you'd need a search warrant to find anyone who'll claim they've eaten it and enjoy it. So, in that sense, it kind of already doesn't exist.
  4. Boiled okra
    Fried okra is great. Boiled okra is slimy and horrible.
  5. Livers
    Of all the possible meat to eat, why somebody would choose livers is beyond me.