Think outside the box...unless the box is filled with awesome ideas.
  1. Compliment them to others when they're not around.
    I knew a guy who was married over 60 years. He'd brag on his wife any chance he got, and she wasn't there to hear it, which, to me, showed his sincerity. I call it the "3rd Party Compliment."
  2. Schedule your fights.
    I'm not suggesting that you ignore problems, but when things get heated, why not say, "Look. Let's fight about this next Thursday at 2:00. If it's still a big deal then, we'll talk about it. But we won't make any progress screaming at each other right now." Adults should be able to avoid childish tantrums. Postponing the fight may show that the issue wasn't worth the fuss after all.
  3. Don't air them out on social media.
    Think about it. In the pre-Facebook era--when we were communicating with two cups and a string--would you have called up 1,000 friends and bashed your loved one? Of course not. You might complain to your closest friends, but that's all. You wouldn't have told your third grade classmate whose friend request you accepted because they looked vaguely familiar. Social media posts are seen by way too many people. Act accordingly. Keep your private moments private.
  4. Thoughtfulness > romance
    People spend too much time trying to be romantic, and it rarely works. Romance focuses on the scene. Thoughtfulness focuses on the person. If you're being thoughtful--i.e. respectful of someone's time, space, wants, etc.--the romance will follow naturally.