If I Got £100k Tomorrow

I might redo this list over time to see how my thinking changes. I'm assuming it's £100k after tax.
  1. £10k tithe.
    We pray "thy kingdom come and thy will be done", so we should support that.
  2. £4k a new-enough-to-be-decent car
  3. £500 a dishwasher + fitting of it.
  4. £1000 take up some carpets and lay wooden flooring
  5. £600 get a better mobile phone
    We're reaching a point that the quality and advantages of top phone's cameras+processing negates the need to also carry DSLRs/video cameras for almost every scenario.
  6. £1000 get a new laptop and a decent backup system in place
  7. £800 fitted wardrobes and better organised storage space
  8. £10k Take my wife Debbie to Paris, Venice, Milan, London, New York, and Auschwitz
  9. £7k Employ some help for a personal project: the Scottish Tech Map
  10. £3k Employ some help for a similar fledgling project with my wife: the Scottish Fashion Map
  11. £remainder Save and invest
  12. £remainder reduce hours at work and free up time for advancing personal projects and personal development.