I nearly labelled this as "work in progress", because being a perfectionist I didn't have confidence it was done, but I'm learning to use the phrase "good enough". It's that.
  1. To recognise grander goals need better plans
  2. To plan better - specifically detailing all steps and their ordering.
  3. To also include in plans my personal levels of confidence with each step, so I can either mitigate low confidence, or at least recognise why I might be apprehensive about beginning a task
    Doing this, along with a full plan of every step, makes me really motivated to get on with a task.
  4. To prefer to violently execute on a good plan this week than to wait for a perfect plan next week
    Tim Ferriss quoted someone who said something like this, and the distinctive terminology made the idea memorable.
  5. To use formal planning and problem solving tools - techniques I already like, believe in, and have had success with. Ideally on a daily basis, but at least weekly.