Two very similar John Wayne movies. My take on which is better.
  1. Love interest - Angie Dickinson and it's not close +1RB
  2. Sidekick - James Caan's Mississippi > Ricky Nelson's Colorado +1ED
  3. Jailer - Walter Brennan is great but I think Bull was equally as good PUSH
  4. Story - El Dorado and protecting the family's water rights, just had more layers than the gunslinger who needs justice - +1ED
  5. John Wayne - 10 years younger and not a legend makes his RB more believable his vulnerable. +1RB
  6. Action - Both movies had good fight scenes the billet removal angle washes the dynamite -Push
  7. Drunk - Both performances where what made these movies so great. Martin made a career in comedy but his Borrachon was troubled and very well played. Mitchum was known for more serious roles but character was funny without losing his cool. Both stepped outside their comfort, but IMO it is Mitchum by a bath scene. +1ED
  8. El Dorado 3 and Rio Bravo 2