1. Do you think Ichabod Crane is cute?
  2. Have any of you ever had a frog named Beans?
  3. My cousin has a dog named--get ready for it--Larry.
  4. My cousin had a science teacher named Larry Miller.
  5. My favorite medication is berry. Wild berry is good too. Mixed berry is awful.
  6. It smells like nerds in here.
  7. Too bad they don't sell candles in packs of eleven.
  8. Are you going to throw up?
  9. I would turn Ethan Brush into a banana and make him go boom-boom for good.
  10. You can topple it if you want. That means knock it down.
  11. Let's pretend we're drinking demon blood.
  12. I might have spilled.
  13. I'm just saying...
  14. That hurt my feelings and made me want to stop playing.
  15. This is the best sleepover ever. I wish it would last two days.