The best in London Town.
  1. Barrafina
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    Can't get enough of this place. They don't take reservations so my MO is to show up as soon as it opens, grab a bar stool, and order away. They nail the classics like tortilla or arroz. The fresh fish fritters are delicate plus some. The pork ribs drip with a where did this come from sauce. And the milhojas (mille-feuille) maybe my current #1 desert. Bring friends so you can get maximum grazing, order a Priorat, and slide on up to that counter.
  2. Social Eating House
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    You gotta like this #winning concept of Michelin star food in a casual speak easy environment. The inventive Menu starts with cocktails like Dill or No Dill, and carries through to the deceptively simple sounding menu items like roasted Cornish cod that is anything but simple. The decibels are pretty high here so if you are in want of intimate conversation, pick a corner table or sit at the bar.
  3. Artesian
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    Can we say crazy insane cocktails? What do you mean?! I mean, Above & Beyond, which combines Zacapa rum, mandarin bitters, Fernet Branca and sherry with crème de banana, all served over a large ball of ice, with an inflated pillow as a garnish. The plastic pillow releases eucalyptus vapours when it bursts and also contains a small bag of Guatemalan worry dolls. Above and Beyond. Digidiva made from Albolut Elyx, Sherry, Cypress, Aqua di Cedro and seasonal botanicals.
  4. Bocca Di Lupo
    If there is such a thing as accessible nose to tail comfort food, this might be it. Yeah it's milk fed lamb's intestines, but with rigatoni in a delicate tomato sauce. I dare you to stop at just one order of the Crescentino bread. The smaller plates are a welcome sit at the bar and nosh alternative along with that glass of Old Fashioned.
  5. Odette's
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    I was introduced to this neighborhood bistro as a place to grab a meal before an iTunes Festival gig at the Roundhouse. The surprisingly sophisticated tasting menu and the generous wine pairing pours made it such a pleasant meal, I lingered and was late for Pharrell. Even if a concert isn't on the docket, it's worth a trip for the satisfying food and a nice stroll around Primrose Hill or Regent's Park afterwards.
  6. Kitty Fisher's
    One would think the wood grill concept means simple and straight forward ingredients cooked with a tantalizing char. There is that but I'm also drawn to the unexpected complexity of sauces here. The whipped cod's roe with fennel butter as creamy smooth as it sounds but with a hint of sea salt in the air. The beans/sauce underneath the monkfish was like spring ocean cassoulet. And there are the meats of course. Going for lunch is the way to hack the can't-get-a-booking dilemma.
  7. Home Slice
    Yeah, pizza in London, right. First there's the setting. Neal's Yard is like stepping into a color splashed painting. Then you forget everything but that pie. It's now my London ritual to grab a slice of the Margherita upon landing. The sauce is bright and fresh and the yeasty dough just right. Don't forget the chili infused olive oil on top and wash it down with an ice cold beer. If you're not solo, go for a 20" pie. Goat shoulder, Savoy cabbage & sumac yoghurt oh my. You'll thank me.
  8. Pied à Terre
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  9. Mr Fogg's Residence