Yeah, we've all done some pretty stupid things in our life. However, I feel that with my reckless attitude and general bad luck...
  1. Gotten the bright idea to wrestle my brother on our marble floor...
    We all do it - brothers or not, and yet I always seem to find a way to injure my lil bro in the stupidest ways possible. It's a long story, so here's what basically happened. I ended up tackling him onto the couch, he flipped offed, smashed him head on the floor, and got a concussion. Yeah. It sucked.
  2. Sneezed during Mass
    Yes, it seems innocent, but trust me, it was not. I sneezed, and our church has these really nice candles. Ironically, instead of extinguishing the candle, the sneeze shot it into my hair, promptly igniting my entire head and ruining the mass. Lovely.
  3. Eaten a Ghost Pepper
    Nothing more needs to be said