You can't hate someone whose story you know.
  1. A term that points out a broader failing of humanity
    I'm not saying white privilege doesn't exist. Just that we need to call it what it really is.
  2. The problem isn't uniquely white. Or American. Or straight. Or Christian.
  3. The problem is not unique to any group or time in history
    Though those with power or resources are especially prone
  4. The problem is privilege itself
    When I feel entitled, I can justify many unjustifiable beliefs
  5. The problem is failing to empathize
    It is humanity's Achilles Heel.
  6. The problem is judging someone through the myopia of your own life
    Or believing that we have the right to judge anybody at all
  7. The problem is being surrounded by people just like you
    And then deciding you like it that way
  8. The problem is believing that another person isn't entitled to their feelings, their experiences, their beliefs, their self-identity
    How can they possibly be right when I know more about their life than they do?
  9. The problem is failing to recognize and honor the dignity of another
  10. The problem is abject laziness
    Because if I really got to know you, I might be uncomfortable or challenged in some way
  11. All of this invites assumptions
  12. It creates misunderstanding
  13. It fosters fear
  14. It breeds hatred
  15. Beating it requires a conscious choice
    From our earliest days, we learned to seek out homogeny and shun diversity
  16. Beating it requires work
    We have to spend a lot of energy walking in others' shoes
  17. Beating it requires humility
    I know enough to know that I have A LOT to learn
  18. Beating it requires mercy and love
    I should work for and celebrate your happiness, not root for your demise
  19. Beating it requires courage
    Because everyone we encounter is encumbered by their own failings and hard-to-shake prejudices
  20. We'll never completely fix this
  21. But even a small change will improve the world