Public list request from @originalamericantrt
  1. It obviously matters to him. And so do you. That's why he wants to experience it with you.
    So just roll with it and choose to be flattered.
  2. The characters have less depth than a made-for-Lifetime romance
    This is actually by design because Star Wars characters are based on literary archetypes. And because George Lucas can't write dialogue.
  3. This is more about reliving a childhood experience than seeing a good movie
    Just prepare yourself... It probably won't be a great movie. In fact, several hours later you're going pause and think: "WTF did I just watch??!"
  4. This is all about good vs. evil, light vs. dark, freedom fighters vs. totalitarianism, selflessness vs. ego
    You know... Light-hearted stuff
  5. Somebody standing in line may ask you which movie you think is best
    It's probably a conversation you want to avoid. But if you can't duck out, the only correct answer is "The Empire Strikes Back." But don't call it Episode V. That will out you.
  6. Remember... This is Part 1 of a trilogy. So the end is going to kinda suck.
    And that you'll probably be asked to the future movies too.
  7. Just try to suspend belief and try to have fun
    It could be much worse... You could be watching a Michael Bay movie!