Why buy a bunch of software when practically everything you need is free?!? I'll add other apps later like Photoshop, but this is my base system.
  1. Windows 7 Professional
    Because Windows 8.1 and 10 are virtually unusable. Even though Win10 is "free," I'll pay for a Win 7 license. How sad is that?
  2. Google Chrome
    Internet Explorer only serves one purpose: To download a different browser
  3. Microsoft Security Essentials
    Free virus protection software built into Windows 10, but still separate for older systems
  4. Mozilla Thunderbird
    Open-Source email client that works with Exchange, Gmail and practically every system
  5. Apache OpenOffice
    Great open-source alternative to Microsoft Office that does practically everything Word, Excel and Powerpoint do and even saves their file formats natively
  6. Adobe Acrobat DC
    Because even though PDFs have been around for 20 years, Windows' native support for PDFs is still terrible.
  7. ITunes or VLC Player
    Either are much better equiped to handle music and video than Windows Media Player
  8. Google Drive Sync
    Syncs my files between machines automatically; automatic backup
  9. EditPad Lite
    Free, lightweight text editor that's more capable than TextEdit
  10. 7-Zip
    Great open-source file compression utility