Dear Secret Santa... I'm sorry that my lists to date give little/no info about me and my interests. Here's some info that I hope is helpful.
  1. I am a new dad
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    Will is 3 months old and I'm in love with this little boy!
  2. I am a web developer
    I spend a lot of time with my head in a computer, either writing code or researching technology
  3. I love being outdoors
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    I live in an area with gentle mountains and several lakes, so I love hiking, mountain biking and kayaking
  4. I listen to music all the time
    I always love discovering new music, especially jazz and blues.
  5. I listen to businessy audiobooks and podcasts
    Freakonomics, Recode/Decode, stuff about running a business
  6. I'm a Sci-fi geek and like thoughtful action stories
    Star Wars, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Inception, Lord of the rings, Hunger Games, Jason Bourne stuff
  7. Coffee and Tea
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    Guilty pleasures include Hazelnut lattes, mango tea, Earl Grey
  8. I paint and love photography
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    Everybody needs creative outlets. And I love discovering new visual art.