My Secret Santa Is Awesome! 🎁😍

I received my secret santa gift from the Pacific Northwest and my new blogger/lister hero @wonderishmama
  1. So pretty! Love the packaging!
  2. Individually wrapped gifts for me and Baby Will.
  3. And a really thoughtful, handwritten note
    Even better than a card!
  4. Star Wars told by knitted characters
    A perfect book to introduce my little youngling to The Force!
  5. And this great mustache book/game
  6. And she made Will a plush Yoda!
    Quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen!
  7. An Etsy Jayne-hat koozie!
    OMG! How did you know I love Firefly/Serenity!??
  8. Local rum caramels!
    Can't wait to tear into these!
  9. Yummy White Peach tea!
    I really love this kind, actually!
  10. Joules, this was such a perfect and thoughtful set of gifts! You freaking rock!
    Nerdy + hipster = perfect!
  11. I've already read the first book to Will!
  12. Hope you and your son have a very joyful Christmas! 🎉🎁🌲
  13. P.S. My little sister lives in Hillsboro. I don't get there often, but maybe we can cross paths sometime!