The Best "Old Internet" Things

@TheSteve Yep, I'm an old Internet thing too! I've been around for this crazy ride since the 1990s! Of course "best" is a relative term...
  1. Gopher
    You gotta be old to remember this technology! It was basically the predecessor to the Web in the early 1990s. Until Mosaic came along and people started building actual websites.
  2. Splash pages
    "Click here to enter." Because making content more difficult to find somehow makes perfect sense.
  3. America Online, aka The Internet with Training Wheels
    Also the first real Internet advertising was when companies would pay to reserve their AOL "keyword."
  4. <blink>
    The worst HTML tag ever invented! Who thought blinking text was a good idea??!
  5. Surfing
    Stupid name for a dumb idea and a huge waste of time. Like I'm going to follow an endless chain of links and ever find anything useful?!! Googling is far superior!
  6. Dial-up
    Internetting on dialup was like trying to drink a lumpy shake through a straw when a ball of fudge has slowed your progress to a trickle. You just keep sucking harder even though you know it will just give you cheek cramps.
  7. You used to have to pay for browser software. Really
    For a while, Netscape was charging $30-$70 for their software. That's how IE caught on... It was free. And early versions (before IE 5) were actually pretty good.
  8. Internet Explorer
    It finally died this year. Not a moment too soon! For the past 12-15 years it's been a nightmare for developers.
  9. Flash
    Buggy, SEO-unfriendly and non-standard scripting. So glad to see this technology die!
  10. The Hamsterdance
    Google it