This could be played by one person or 10. The goal is to get Siri to sass you as much as possible. Which isn't that difficult.
  1. Ask Siri if she would like a drink
    Take 1 drink
  2. Get Siri to tell you a joke or riddle
    Give an evil laugh and take 1 drink
  3. Speak to Siri in an exaggerated accent and see if she notices
    Take 1 drink of something imported
  4. Get Siri to offer her opinion about a movie, i.e. Inception, The Matrix
    Impersonate a movie character and take 1 drink
  5. Get Siri to tell you a story, or read you a bedtime story
    Yawn in unison and take 1 drink
  6. Get Siri to tell you what the fox says
    Make a sound like an animal and take 1 drink
  7. Get Siri to tell you her favorite animal, food, sports team, etc.
    Compliment her on her taste and take 1 drink
  8. Get Siri to tell you the meaning of life
    Quote a philosopher and take 1 drink
  9. Get Siri to tell you how much wood a woodchuck would chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
    Quote "Groundhog Day" and take 1 drink
  10. Get romantic or lovey with Siri
    Ask her to play Barry White and take 1 drink
  11. Get Siri to read you a poem or haiku
    Recite a favorite verse and take 1 drink
  12. Get Siri to discus philosophy or religion
    Face a holy city and take 2 drinks
  13. Get Siri to discuss politics or tell you who to vote for
    Turn on a talk-news channel and take 2 drinks. Then turn that crap off!
  14. Get Siri to discuss the movie "Her"
    Tell her you love her and take 2 drinks
  15. Get Siri to sing a song
    Sing along and take 2 drinks
  16. Get Siri to be indignant or act hurt
    Apologize to her and chug!