Waiting on my new tires to be installed, I stared for WAY too long at the various tire options ... This is going to be the least-interesting list ever!
  1. Because tires are incredibly diverse
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  2. I mean sure, they're all round and black
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    But the similarities end there
  3. So I've been pacing... And Googling. Here's what I learned.
  4. Each tire has at least three numbers
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  5. The first number is the tire width in millimeters.
    215 in this case
  6. The next number is the aspect ratio, essentially the height of the tire.
    In this case, 60 means that the tire is 60% height-to-width.
  7. The letter denotes the tire's construction
    R is most common and is short for "radial." Not short for radius as I assumed.
  8. The last number is the diameter of the wheel that the tire is going to be mounted on.
    17 inches in this case
  9. Yes, they're mixing Metric and Imperial measurements.
    Apparently, wheels come from England and tires come from France. Or something.
  10. And there's the tire warranty. Usually 30,000-100,000 miles. This is a best guess of how many miles of usage you should get under normal conditions and with normal maintenance.
    But if tires do come from France, shouldn't the warranty be in kilometers?
  11. Then there are all sorts of treads
  12. For cars
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  13. And trucks
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  14. And redneck trucks
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  15. And trailers
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  16. Now I'M tired.
  17. Is my car ready yet?
  18. Please hurry! I'm about to start Googling motor oil viscosities.