Drip... Drip...
  1. Yay! Gentle rain = free white noise
  2. Is it still going to be raining in the morning?
  3. This would be a lot less romantic in a tent.
  4. Did Axl Rose ever wax poetic about December Rain?
  5. Isn't there an Eddie Rabbitt song about this?
  6. Showers wash all my cares away/I wake up to a sunny day
  7. Someone should invent a Rain Bank. When it rains, you're making a deposit. And when you need to water your yard, you can make a withdrawal. Oh yeah, they did invent that... It's called a "lake."
  8. Why the crap can't I go to sleep??!
  9. Oh yeah, I've got that damn 70s song in my head!
  10. I should make a list...